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Tips & Tech to Help You Grow Your Yoga Practice

You consider yourself an intermediate level Yoga practitioner but might be looking for ways to take your practice to the next level. How can you improve and scale while you continue to learn? Today, we'll highlight a few tips and tech to help you grow.

Short and Long-Term Goal Setting

Sometimes you may feel as though you're stuck in a yoga rut, especially when much of what you practice is routine. It's easy to lose sight of progress and goals as you get swept up in day-to-day mundane. To shake things up and keep your practice growing, write down, log, and track a series of short, mid, and long-term goals for yourself. A study by Gail Matthews reveals those who wrote down their goals were 42% more successful in attaining them. Achieving easy-to-meet short-term goals can build your confidence as you aim for long-term goal success as well. You can make use of helpful apps to set reminders and hold yourself accountable.

Here are a few goal tracking apps to help keep you accountable in managing your short-term lists and overall objectives. Habit Tracker:  This app provides access to over 700 coaches to ensure you reach your intended goals. It also offers leadership coaching and habit tracker features. It's ideal for yoga enthusiasts looking to grow their experience.

Strides: This flexible app allows users to design their own routine and customized metrics. Stay focused on personal health goals like drinking water and managing sleep habits.

Focus on the Journey, Your Journey

In your practice, you routinely look to the guidance and coaching of others to help you grow. But, in doing so, you may also fall into the relentless habit of then comparing yourself to others. It's vital in your continuous learning that you remember to focus on your path. Growth for your yoga practice may pace differently than of those around you. It's okay. Experience your own journey, and don't be discouraged by trying to measure up to others in your space.

Permission to Practice & Must-Have Yoga Apps

Even the most experienced yogis continue to improve with practice. Hone your skills and stay connected with the latest yoga-based apps. Here are a few yoga apps for home practice. Many offer free trials so you can sample each to find the best app for you.

Asana Rebel: This app is a powerhouse and offers ways to boost sleep, fitness and meditation. It offers more than 100 routines and tutorials that you can filter to match your goals, intensity and time.

Yoga Studio: Try this app free for seven days and explore HD video yoga classes for any level of student. A mind and body focused tool, this app is designed to help anyone, even yoga instructors, take their yoga experience to the next level.

If your phone is due for an upgrade to help you turn it into a yoga hot spot, look to find a device that not only fits your budget but also has the features you need most. If you have an expired plan, you might consider providers who offer unlimited or prepaid wireless plans that allow you to have data access whenever you’re on the go and avoid overage charges.  

It's Perfectly Ok to Fail

As you look back at your yoga progress and practitioner skills, you can recognize now that you've come a long way. Be proud of how you have arrived where you are. You may also reflect on the mistakes and failures of the past. The good news is, as you embark on growing your practice now, it's ok to fail. Remind yourself that despite past failures, you've made it here. Stay positive and embrace the process, successes, and failures included.

As you continue to grow your yoga learning and practice, make use of these tips and tools to assist in keeping you focused and on pace with your goals. Embrace the journey as you learn and teach. Having the best tech at your fingertips can ensure you stay connected to your objectives, and ultimately your class as well.

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