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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Stoolyoga bench and cutlery?

We'd love it if you would order one on Amazon , we're on Prime

Is the Stoolyoga Bamboo Cutlery Set easy to clean to last?

When you are on the go just wash it with water on a fountain or lavatory and dry it right away. You can wash it every night with sponge and soap or just once or twice weekly, in any case dry it right after. It will stay with you long time. 

Does the Stoolyoga bench come in different sizes?

No, the Stooly was designed to be a one size fits all solution. Its angles and wide seat allow for many different body types to sit comfortably.


What are the best ways to sit on the bench?

We have found that the Burmese, Half-Lotus, Full-Lotus, and Kneeling positions are best suited for use with the Stoolyoga.

What else can I do with my Stooly bench?

Some time after production, Stoolyoga revealed itself as a multi-functional tool. Immediately, it showed its talents as a feet-elevating toilet companion, lap desk for working from a sofa or watching a movie in bed, a sitting bench that helps back alignment whenever you sit on it (while reading, folding your laundry, sitting on the train, or just hanging in the park with friends), and as a foot stool for our painter friends. 

Most recently, we can tell you it traveled abroad, boarded a plane, and elevated a valued customer/frequent flyer's feet during a cross-Atlantic flight. We are waiting for more news from our customers around the world on that one - Stay Tuned!

Can the Stooly be used on all surfaces?

Yes, as long as you make sure that the surface is steady. We've tried it in parks (even on muddy days), hardwood floors, concrete, asphalt, and in our community garden with no difficulty.

How do you clean the Stooly bench?

Very simply, actually. We recommend you use a clean cotton cloth and warm water to gently scrub your Stoolyoga.

Is there a cheaper version of the bench?

There are other meditation benches in the marketplace. However, you get what you pay for. This is perhaps the most high-quality meditation bench on the market. It is made in the United States using an ethical and sustainable process.  As more and more customers demand the Stoolyoga, the more buying power we'll have to negotiate lower prices for the premium materials used to make the Stoolyoga.

Does Stoolyoga offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! We would love to help bring our Stoolyoga meditation benches and cutlery sets to your meditation centers, yoga studios, retreats, retail shops, e-commerce store, and even as Christmas presents for the entire family! Contact us for more information.

What is meditation?

In meditation, the mind is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused. Meditation is a profound and deep state of peace. When the mind is silent and calm, yet completely alert, you can escape all of the noise and distractions of your daily routine. It is the means for an inner transformation that allows you to grasp all the levels of yourselves and finally experience the center of consciousness from within. It enhances one's spiritual awareness.

Why should I meditate?

Because meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a full state (with practice) of consciousness, when your mind is at rest and you are consciously aware of the present moment, your life is getting easier, happier and actually more productive day after day.

Nevertheless, recently science has discovered and verified many of  the benefits meditators felt for years. In this article, written in 2017, Matthew Thorpe MD PhD, highlighted 11 benefits of meditation that have since been verified by scientific study:

  1. Reducing Stress

  2. Controlling Anxiety

  3. Promoting Emotional Health

  4. Enhancing Self-Awareness

  5. Lengthening Attention Span

  6. May be reducing Age-Related Memory Loss

  7. Generating Kindness

  8. May be Helpful in Fighting Addictions

  9. Improving Sleep

  10. Helping Control Pain

  11. Decreasing Blood Pressure

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