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Stoolyoga, Sustainable Lifestyle. 

First 'born' Story

In 2017 Stoolyoga was formed with a clear vision of creating only sustainable Items and deliver honest conscious Services.

The first 'born' product was inspired by Zen monasteries, and with this in mind, founder Cristiano Imola was eager to share what he learned during his travels to the East; Meditation equal Inner Balance equal Consciousness. And Meditation can have tools and he loved the Zafu pillow, because it helps amazingly the posture. But how could he make the Zafu, some large, some small super heavy, pillow accessible to practitioners who are on the go? Here where Stoolyoga created the Bench, transformed to fit into office bags, purses, and back packs, the angles makes it easy and natural to sit for long periods of time without creating undue pressure to the lower back or knees. The lightweight material makes it easy to carry around all day.


The Many Uses of Stoolyoga Bench

Stoolyoga’s bench primary purpose is to travel with you to any destination and provide a perfect seat to your alignment. Stoolyoga bench was carefully designed at the exact angle to support your lower back and knees while retaining a seated position in yoga, meditation, or just sitting and relaxing with friends. Of course there are plenty of other ways to use this new friend for your wellness. Stooly, the Bench, can be very handy to elevate your feet during a long day at the office, serve as a footstool during your art projects and even align your intestinal track for a more enjoyable trip to the potty. Inconspicious and attractive while folded away, the Bench is ready to be your bathroom buddy in a pinch.

The Stoolyoga Guarantee

Even one degree on the angle of the side hinges changes the durability and experience of alignment while using Stoolyoga. That is why we have worked tirelessly with our engineers to construct the most sturdy and supportive design possible, built to last. Stoolyoga has a strong foundation, built to retain weight effortlessly through dry or wet conditions. The exact angle of the hinge ensures that Stoolyoga will retain her form as your companion for years to come. All of our Stooly`are born and bred in Brooklyn, hand made by skilled craftsmen who bring our ideas to life with precision and ardent attention to detail. 

Stoolyoga Meditation Bench
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